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Testimonials Murray Funeral Homes in Beaver Dam, Horicon and Reeseville, Wisconsin

Everyone was very friendly, compassionate, and professional. They took their time with us and answered any questions we had. We were treated with respect and dignity and were all very professional. ~ Deb Voigt

It was very comforting to work with Murray Funeral Home. They took care of all our needs. They treat you as family. ~ the family of Gladys Schulz

Our whole family was very pleased with the whole experience. We appreciated all the details that you took care of for us. You were always available when we had questions and are still helping with the monument. ~ Dorothy Stegner

Your attention to our family as well as all of the details was outstanding. It was very comforting knowing we did not have to worry at all. ~ Gina Voelker

John did a great job. Advice was given when needed. Our special requests were accommodated. A difficult circumstance was managed as smoothly as possible. Thanks! ~ Mark Rawlsky

Losing our mother to a long illness was extraordinarily hard. Thanks to mom's pre-planning and the always helpful staff at Murray's my questions and concerns were answered promptly and efficiently. I can't say enough about the sensitivity and caring shown by John Leiting after mom's death. He carried us through a very difficult process and helped us plan a beautiful fitting service. ~ Deborah King and Mary Beth King

I can not say enough nice things about Trisha, from the first time I talked to her, to the end of our funeral. She was friendly, knowledgeable, had good suggestions and was professional. ~ Chris Judd

The service was arranged several months after our mother passed away. All the planning was done long distance thru e-mail and phone calls. We were totally impressed with the conscientious and thorough planning hat had been done. The event went without a hitch and we are exceptionally grateful to the staff for their expertise and thoughtfulness. ~ Mary Alice Thom

I was extremely happy with the personal care we received and how well my mom looked. I thought the website was great and I loved the DVD. It felt like a very special service for my mom. Thanks to everyone involved. ~ Lori Apfelbeck

Your service was above expectations and all those working with you, in regards to the service, were impressed. ~ Carl Rosensprung

I can't say enough good things about how Robert's service was handled. During an extremely difficult time and situation, everything was less difficult because of Jim. Thank you! ~ Cindy Shell

We appreciate the very efficient, quiet and loving care of all the members of the funeral home. They were there for every question that came up and graciously fulfilled our every need. We can't find words to express our thanks for all you have done for us at this most tragic time for all our family. ~ Mercedes Janisch and family

Thank you for helping make the service for our Granny wonderful. You were there to comfort us and help with any need that we had. Our Granny looked beautiful that day. ~ Tonya Feucht

You did a very nice job on Reed. I was very pleased. Thank you very much - Donna Dallen-Seering

John Drove all the way in fog to help us. He waited patiently for us to say our goodbyes. Jerry could not have been more helpful at the end when everyone was exhausted. ~ Kraig Kasten

Murray Funeral Home handled my aunt's funeral with a great degree of professionalism and sensitivity. ~ Ralph Deptolla

Again, we cannot thank you enough for helping us have the funeral for Dad go perfectly. Your staff was so professional and answered all of our questions and concerns each time we called. We were all treated with respect and we have suggested your services to many people in our community. Your willingness to work with a budget and not push unaffordable items is a breath of fresh air in today's world. Thank you to all of you. ~ Dave and Kathy Bock

In the time of our greatest need, you were there. In the time of our sorrow, you were compassionate. When those who should of been there in the last moments of his life did not live up to their reputation, you did. We will never forget the care you took. That was the greatest honor my father could of had. ~ Brian Ponce

Our mother was a very special lady. We are so grateful to you for helping us to provide a meaningful service Mom would have both loved and appreciated. Your help, patience and kind responses during a difficult time will never be forgotten. ~ Laurie Propst

The service for Larry was personal, well thought out and a real tribute to his life. Talking with the celebrant was comforting, allowed immediate reflection and included our personal feelings in saying goodbye. The care everyone received made me proud of choosing this facility to help at this difficult time. Thank you ~ Evonne Koeppen

You made my husband look very natural with what you had to work with. The care you showed our family was very professional and caring and it made us all feel very comfortable and at home. Thank you for all you did to make this a very special time for us. ~ Barbara Schaalma

Trisha Draeger did a remarkable job. Job well done Trisha. ~ Roger and Judy Bader

Thanks for your kind and compassionate care of our family. Your staff is outstanding. ~ Margaret Hickey

Given mom's age of 90, and her suffering for two months deteriorating her body's appearance, you made her look 20 years younger and she looked beautiful. The family was very pleased with the special care that was given. Thank you ~ Carol Peters

All four staff members were very caring. They bent over backwards to make things go smoothly for all of the family members. ~ Bill McCullum

You seemed to anticipate our every need, taking much of the burden from our shoulders. Your kindness, sympathy and professionalism was always in evidence and greatly appreciated. ~ The family of Donald Kordus

Our family felt so supported and cared about by you and your staff we could not have asked for any more. ~  The family of Tammy Henry

The LifeTribute Video was very moving. Well done! The choice of music was wonderful. Thank you. ~ The family of Gary Kirchoff

It was a pleasure dealing with down to earth people who have a true passion to help others in their time of need. Everything was done in a personal and professional manner. Thank you! ~ Bonnie Immel

Our family appreciated the care and concern of your funeral home. I would like to say a special thank you to Jim and John for their help and friendship. Thanks again. ~ Don Krizan

My family and I were so happy with the service you provided for moms funeral. Mom had been quite ill and I was so worried how she would look. She looked so beautiful and many, many people commented on how nice she looked. Thank you. ~ Beverly Schwantes

Murray Funeral Home Services, for my mother's funeral, was amazing. Never once did we have to worry about the details. We could put all our attention on friends and family knowing they had everything under control. They made the load of a sad and difficult time lighter. Thank you. Mom looked beautiful! ~ The family of Amanda Hurley

Thank you for everything you have done for us not only when my mother died, but when our daughter, Christina, died. You truly got us through a difficult funeral. Thanks again. ~ Jim and Sue Pasewald

Caring, Professional service during a difficult time. I know that the staff at St. Luke's was impressed also. ~ The family of Eugene Zarling

My family, friends, and I, thank you (staff) for your compassionate care of our loved ones. We definitely would recommend your service to everyone. Thank you. ~ Geraldine C. Booth

Thank you for your assistance with this (especially over a holiday weekend). Everything was done very nicely. ~ Glen Dickinson

I very much like the way you had Erv on the Website. ~ Linda Gilhart

The service for a person of her age was excellent. My mother looked very nice, the way she was fixed up, after her major stroke; she looked beautiful. John did a very good job! ~ Don and Pat Everman

Murray's has always served us with care and concern for the whole family. So many little details were taken care of which took a huge burden off of us. We were never told something couldn't be done...every effort was made to plan with personal dignity. We love you guys. We are happy to place ourselves in your care. Thank you. ~ The family of Joe and Audrey Hankes

My mother would have appreciated the quality of her funeral; all the details that mattered to her while alive were observed in her funeral rites. The funeral contained comforting traditional elements as well as personal observances that were especially meaningful to her family and close friends. ~ Shirley Ellis

At one of my most saddest times, it was made easy by how organized everything was in going over the details of the funeral. I am sincerely grateful. - Teresa De Leon

You have a great staff of people, and respected my wishes at every minute. Thank you so much. ~ Dorothy Whitrock

Everything was done in a professional manner. Trisha was great with all of her duties that had to be done. Extremely satisfied with everyone. Thank you Jim, Jerry, John and Trish. ~ Kent Plautz 

Trisha did a fine job and we were impressed with her service. ~ Robert Marschke

Thank you so much for everything. Your services went over and beyond everything
I had a
sked for. After everything Ron went through, you made him rest in peace. Thank you so much. ~ Jean Shumacker

We were very pleased at how you were able to take care of all the details so we could concentrate on other things. Trish did a great job. ~  The family of Marie Schoenwetter

Thank you for all you did. ~ Donna Schraufnagel 

The care our family received was amazing. The calls, stopping at our home, delivering flowers, etc., after the service; attention to every detail according to our family's wishes; the ability for our little ones to view Heather in order to say "Good bye." We will never be able to thank you enough, Jerry. What you did was little short of a miracle. We love and thank you all. ~ Danny and Barb Mullin 

Trisha was so very nice and helpful when she met with my daughter and I. She did exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much for  being understanding of my financial situation and working with me on the cost of the funeral. I do appreciate so much how understanding John and Trisha were. Thanks again. ~ Betty Kirkland

John is my new BFF, very supportive, went above and beyond, made my unusual requests happen! The floral arrangements were excellent quality! The staff made my dad look so much better. My heartfelt appreciation. No comparison. ~ Patti O'Dwyer

Excellent service, very sympathetic and always there to accompany our needs and wishes. ~  The family of Janice Frey

Trisha - Thank you for all you did for our family during this very difficult time. Your compassion, professionalism and genuine care were greatly appreciated. Mom looked so beautiful after all she had been through. ~ Karen Maleck 

I especially enjoyed meeting with Trisha Draeger. She made me feel very comfortable. She was easy to talk to. ~ Susan Contreras

I was very pleased with the way Trish and Jerry took over when I was distraught from my Ethel's death. It was so hard - they helped me in so many ways. ~ Edward "Butch" Beers

Trisha was very caring. She never once treated us like a number, rushing us. She treated us as people and that meant so much. My husband & I really believe that our beautiful daughter, Krissy, sent Trisha, an angel, to help us though this nightmare. She went above and beyond, and we are so grateful to Trisha. "Thank you". We will always remember. ~ Mary and Jerry Baade

You all are wonderful and caring people. You also made sure that we had everything we needed at the time of our grieving. The DVD that was made in honor of my father was wonderful. I will hold all you have done close to my heart. ~ The family of Wayne Bruesch 

Trisha was very professional and personal at the service. Her PR Skills were exceptional. ~ Sarah Bernhard 

Everyone at Murray's was kind and compassionate. Each detail was handled with respect and concern, from Jim coming to our home to make pre-funeral arrangements, Jerry calling about Mom's appearance, and John taking care of all the details; even driving to Michigan and presiding at the burial. Thank you so much. ~ David and Barbara Kalscheur


Trisha handled everything, right down to the minute. She called me several times, even just to see if everything was alright. We could have not asked for a better service for our Dad. I really love the memorial on the web-site. Many used it and lit candles. Thank you again! ~ Rochelle Hinkes

The Carreon family would like to thank Murray Funeral Home for their impeccable service and comforting manor. This has helped us concentrate on our mourning with a worry free cremation service. ~ The family of Casey Carreon

Overall, I'm still processing all of the funeral for mom. Such a stressful day on March 11th was made so much easier by the Murray staff. After four hours of planning, I was stressed out, but John's patience and concern was so very professional and yet, we felt we could ask him anything and not be embarrassed.  As we have not had to plan a funeral for 25 years, we felt very "un-knowledgeable" about everything. John helped us every step of the way and I don't feel anyone could have done better. I appreciated Jerry's questions on mom's appearance - she looked more beautiful then I've seen her look in years. She looked so natural, her color was "real" and not fake, like some I've seen. Her hair - perfect, and all the personal things I wanted were in place. Thank you for making mom so pretty on our last visit. ~ Kathie Bock

John and Trish, both, were so wonderful. Very professional and yet so genuine and down to earth. John worked later into the evening and had a lot of patience with our family. God Bless you both! ~ Debra L. Hink

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me at a time when you really can't think.
~ Maralee Ahrens

Very thoughtful, courteous and professional. ~ Shirley Erickson 

You never think about planning a funeral, but I had two within 45 days and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with. Thank you ~ Heather Sires

I was very pleased with the service that John coordinated. He was very caring, compassionate and organized. Thank you for the wonderful DVD, the bookmarks, and the beautiful memorials and thank you cards. It takes a very special person(s) to do your job. Thanks again for being our Angels. ~ Jane Lord

Thank you for the comforting and personal care you gave to me and my family, with helping us plan my mother's funeral. You helped make things easier for us during this difficult time. ~ Pamela Hilker

Under duress and Stress, we were gently, carefully led through the procedures. There was no rushing. You dealt with us on a personal level, answering all questions. We were treated with compassion and everything was handled perfectly. You went beyond what we even thought was possible. ~ Paul Vander Werff

Thanks to Trish, you helped "My" experience be a peaceful event. I was able to celebrate mom's life without interruption. Your guidance through the writing of the obituary was very caring and understanding. A big thank you from myself and my family. ~ Steve Kovalaske

Thank you for going out of your way to make things easier for us. ~ The family of Olga Rodriguez 

Until it happens to you personally, losing a spouse is traumatic. Receiving all the care at this time will always be remembered by all members of our family. I'm so glad we had planned ahead. ~ Annabel Kaczmarski

The loss of my husband was unexpected and when something like that happens, your thoughts are spinning. I was very thankful for John and everyone involved in helping me through such a difficult time. Thank you again, so much! ~ Melissa Schreiner

Jerry, you made my mother look so beautiful. I loved how she was smiling. You and Trisha were so compassionate yet professional. Thank you for the wonderful service you perform for grieving families. ~ The family of Beatrice Sommers


The care and attention to detail given to Larry's service was outstanding. As individuals, you made a very difficult process bearable. You're definitely in the right business! Thank you so much for all your help and Support. ~ Julie Mucha


John did an excellent job as the celebrant of our father's memorial service. He made it very personal and it was just the service we were looking for. The whole staff is very helpful and understanding. We were very satisfied with the service and professionalism. Thank you ~ The family of John Apollo


Stanley hasn't looked that good since we got married! ~ Gloria Shilling


You provide very relaxing surroundings to deal with a difficult time. You are very professional and we enjoyed your help. ~ The family of John Trainor 


We really enjoyed the film and receiving condolences through Email. ~ The family of Terry Desjarlais


I hope all of you know what great work you do for our church families and community. Keep it up!! You have me spoiled - no other establishment comes close to the reputation for excellence you have set, and that you regularly live up to. You are the best!! ~ Rev. Steinberg


Mom's appearance for the visitation was remarkable. After suffering the cruel and demeaning effects of Alzheimer's; we felt our mother regained her elegance and self-esteem. We now have a happy memory of mom's face. ~ The family of Eleanor Stankiewcz


Great staff - very professional and courteous. ~ Carla Greene


We were so pleased, your guidance and promptness allowed for a beautiful day. Mom looked great - you do amazing work. ~ Gary Weber


Our families have already gone to Murray's in our time of need. It was a pleasure meeting and working with Jim and John. Jerry and I have known one another for years, our friendship means a lot to me. Thanks ~ John Engler


I would like to thank you for making the entire process as easy as possible. The time and attention to detail that you put into your funerals is outstanding and very much appreciated. ~ Daniel Weber


Jim Bublitz was on top of things while my family and I where grieving, very professional. Thanks Jim! ~ The family of Nickolas Schanen, Jr.


I firmly believe God sends angels to us in our time of need. God worked through Jim, he was extremely sympathetic and helpful, it helped ease the tragic situation to be treated so kindly. All the staff was considerate and helpful. Bless you all ~ Susan Tetzlaff


This was the first time for me and my family to plan a funeral. It was a difficult time for us. Your personal attention and caring meant a lot to us. I would definitely recommend your funeral home to others. ~ Linda Schilling


Jim Bublitz was found to be a very kind and caring man. From the moment I spoke to him at my aunts apartment until the day we set up the funeral arrangements, I felt his devotion to people. Even now I feel he is working to make this transition easy and as stress free as possible. ~ The family of Patricia Haas


Our family was completely satisfied with the services rendered. ~ Lloyd G. Schutte


We were treated very well. It made it easier for our family in our loss. Thank you ~ Norma Wille and family


John made this very difficult time less painful. He thought of everything. We didn't have to worry about a thing. Everything ran smoothly. A very professional and caring person. ~ Mary Beth Hughes


At a very emotionally difficult time, John Leiting came into our childhood home and was respectful and professional in the way he treated each family member and especially was kind in the way he handled the loss of our dear mother. We will always be grateful in the manner he treated us. Sincerely ~ Ann Brewer and family


There is more to planning a funeral than one might anticipate. At a time when you are emotional and fatigued, it is reassuring to have someone lend a guiding hand. We felt that your staff took excellent care of our family. Thank you ~ Marcia Haase


I was very impressed with Darrell's appearance considering the injuries he received. Good Job! Jim always makes these times a bit more bearable. He has a good sense of humour. Thanks so much to all involved with this funeral.  ~  Judy Pegelow


Meeting you at a time like this was not easy, but you made it bearable. Thank you. You were very kind, again thank you from my whole family. ~ Bernadette G. Webb


You have been so wonderful to our family and you treated Loran with much respect. Your kindness will always be appreciated and remembered. God bless all of you. ~ Lorene A. Patten


The attention to the details was very impressive and I knew my mother was in good hands. ~ Joseph Maddison


Your direction and coordination made this stressful time for our family seem effortless. ~ Rick Kasper


My family and I were impressed by your compassion and professionalism at the same time. Thank you! Jim, you did an excellent job for us. Thanks for the love and care you showed. ~ Donald Slager


I cannot say enough good things about Murray's. My mom had suffered so much and Jerry, you made her look wonderful. God has blessed you with that gift. John and Jim, I want to thank you for your endless compassion - that is truly another gift from God. Thank you for all the extra things you all did and your attention to all the details. Everyone told us what a nice funeral it was, but most importantly, I know my mom would have been very pleased. Thanks so much. God bless ~ Karen Tisdale


You have taken care of our departed family members for many years and each time, you have conducted your services with professionalism, compassion and dignity. In the difficult times, it was comforting to know that you were there taking care of the details.~ John Bartell


We are so very thankful, Jim for all that you have offered and done for us. Your offer was the first ray of light we saw after getting Annie's prognosis. You have been in my prayers of thanksgiving many time. With love ~ Michelle and Jim Klemp


I can't thank you all enough or begin to tell you how impressed I was with Murray Funeral Home. Everyone I ever dealt with, John, Jerry, Jim and Bob are an Incredible group and you did an excellent job in every aspect of our fathers funeral. Thank you all so very much  ~  Alice Cleavenger


Special thanks and my sincere appreciation to Jim Bublitz for his kind and caring words and support towards me and my family during this very difficult time of the loss of our mother. ~ Cheryl Jacobson


You were very kind and informative. It's great to have someone talk to you like they really are interested in your grief and how they can make life easier for you. Thank you again ~Warren and Nancy Williams


The staff was friendly, kind and helpful when doing the pre-arrangement, during the service and after the service. ~Dorothy Kersey


Jim Bublitz made himself available at any hour, and anticipated our needs even before we knew what we needed.  ~Marcy Seiler


Many thanks to John Leiting and Jerry Hankes for their care of our mother's funeral arrangements. They handled the planning and actual events of the day wonderfully. My sister and I were very pleased with everything. They both showed just the right amount of humour, concern, and sympathy. All details were remembered. We can't thank them enough! Also, Bob helped a great deal with the pre-planning arrangements. He explained everything extremely well.  ~Sarah and Emily Tyner


Your services were wonderful. I never thought I would have to use a funeral home so soon, but because of John, it was a very simple process. He made it a very smooth process with all things considered. I didn't have to worry about anything but being there. Thank you so much  ~Jill Prado


You provided a service that gave our parents the dignity and grace they so deserved: final togetherness. Thanks again  ~Jeanie Marie Jones


Professional, courteous, definitely people you could call your friends... at any time. Special thanks; Jim, Trisha and staff for making this a special service.  ~Myron, Holly and Heather Nehring


We felt at home and at ease the minute we walked in the door. Everything that had to be done was done by the staff of the funeral home. We didn't have to take care of anything.  ~Loretta Fritz


I came to you at a very stressful time, when my daughter passed away, and was treated with compassion, respect, and understanding, that's why when my mother passed away I knew I had to take my needs to you.  ~The family of Inocencia "Kina" Ramirez


Murray Funeral Home takes care of the family in a very quiet, respectful way. They have a caring way that is very helpful at the difficult, stressful time of the death of a family member.  ~The family of Lyle Fish


Our family felt very comfortable in working with staff at Murray Funeral Home. John was very helpful and informative in all matters. The quality of service was greatly appreciated. Gratefully  ~The family of Dolores Hagen 


The very personal attention to every detail, your ability to anticipate what it was that we wanted, your suggestions, your willingness to go the extra mile in providing service, went far beyond what we would have considered your professional duties.  Thank You  ~Mary Neuman


I am so impressed with the care and concern shown during the loss of our mother that I am seriously considering arrangements for my own funeral. ~Doris Frey


Murray's did an excellent job both recently for our father and 18 months ago for our mother.  We are completely satisfied with the work they did.  Keep up the good work - we will recommend Murray Funeral Home to other people.  ~John & Roy Pegelow


John was caring and very easy to work with.  He covered the details.  There was no pressure -or guilt- to buy a more expensive casket or vault.  I was assured that they did not make a funeral.  They did an excellent job with make-up and hair in this very difficult case.   ~Margaret Yundt


To Murray Funeral Home, we want to say thank you for the exceptional care and personalised service, and a special thank you to Jerry Hankes, who gave us peace of heart by his exceptional skill at giving our mother the look of tranquillity and serenity for her final good-bye.  ~The family of Eloise Dries



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